Exercise helps beat depression and anxiety and that’s a scientific fact. Research has found regular exercise to be as effective as some antidepressants in treating the symptoms of mild to moderate depression.

Here are 4 ways that exercise will improve your mental health.


1. Feel good factor

Exercise improves the flow of blood pressure and oxygen to the brain, and causes an instant release of feel good endorphines and the happy hormone, serotonin.


2. Pat on the back

Going for a brisk walk or completing a workout gives you a sense of accomplishment and boost self confidence and self esteem.


3. Less baggage

By reducing your waistline, exercise also reduces your chance of being depressed with research demonstrating a direct link between depression and obesity.


4. Sleep better

Exercise will help improve the quality of your sleep which is very important as lack of sleep is a common symptom of depression and anxiety.


Check out this video of Adam explaining how the state of your health affects the state of your mind: