Blokes always think in order to lose weight we need to take massive action! Cut out all the beers, stop all the takeaway, start eating carrot sticks and salads, and pound it out at the gym for at least 1 hour a day. Sound familiar? This is what we have been programmed to think but the great news is it’s not true. Small steps taken everyday are proven to get the weight off and more importantly keep it off.

5 Small things

Here’s 5 small things you can do today that you won’t even notice but your waistline will:

1. Cut out the soft drinks

Or at least cut back. Soft drinks are known as empty calories as they serve no purpose for your body. Want that fizzy hit? Go for sparkling mineral water and add some fresh lemon or lime for taste.

2. Detox your cupboard

Throw out (don’t eat) all the junk out of of your cupboard and fridge – if you don’t have it you won’t eat it … it really is that simple.

3. Have breakfast!

It is proven that blokes lose 20% more weight if they have breakfast. High protein and low sugar is important so give the 12 year old breakfast of cereal and toast the flick and swap it for eggs or The Man Shake.

4. Carry a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit with you.

We always make the worst food choices when we are hungry so make sure you have a couple of snacks with you on the go.

5. Have a treat meal once a week.

Yes, if you want to lose weight it’s really important to have your treat meal. As firstly it helps speed up your metabolism, which is important for weight loss, but most importantly when you are trying to be good and you know you can eat that KFC, or pizza on the weekend you will stay good during the week and not give up.