David, 49, Sydney NSW


A brief backstory

I have always been the big bloke, I’m around 180cm tall and have weighed 120-130kg for about 18 years now. Despite my size, I’ve always been a pretty healthy guy, even though I was a big bloke I played a lot of sports like cricket and baseball.

How did I get to the 149.5kg mark? I put it down to my job (that I love) which I started nearly 6 years ago, and the choices I made in my lifestyle. With my job, I’m a sales rep for a big company, so a part of that is to entertain customers and take them out to dinners, lunches and sporting events where I drink beers and eat a lot of food.

The significant moment when I decided to lose the weight was actually a few things. Firstly, for my family. I have a beautiful wife and two great kids who I want to see grow up, so seeing the scales close to maxing out at 150kg made me realise I needed to make a change.

Secondly, I wanted to lose the weight I’d gained before I hit the big 50.

And lastly, my mates have been talking about organising a trip over to the US and I’ve always wanted to see my LA Dodgers play at Dodger stadium. I want to be able to sit in a plane seat comfortably if the trip happens.


Getting started

I originally found out about The Man Shake (TMS) through the media. I’d tried it a few years ago but I wasn’t really that committed in my first attempt. Before finding TMS, I had tried exercising and watching what I eat with varying levels of success throughout the years.

Within only a week or so of committing to it this time around, I found my lifestyle had dramatically changed. I put this down to my mindset as I could see the results right away with eating good food, exercising, and watching my calorie intake.

Flash forward 8 months, and I have TMS nearly every day for breakfast. I found it easy to fit TMS into my lifestyle as a sales rep because I can have it anytime in the morning. My favourite flavour is Banana, closely followed by Chocolate. I do also add a banana, rolled oats, a tiny bit of honey, ice, and the Chocolate Super Greens to most of my shakes.


David lost 30kg with The Man Shake


The biggest difference I’ve found now I’ve lost weight is that I have a lot more energy within myself. I’m playing with my kids a lot more than I used to, I’m doing more around the house, and I’m enjoying my work life more than ever because my mental health has come a long way since losing over 30kg! I’m also back playing baseball in the Cronulla minor league.

At the end of the day, the biggest roadblock to losing weight was myself – pure and simple. Once I got my mindset right, I felt I could break any roadblock. Today I went to lunch with a customer where I could have any food I wanted yet I chose the beef brisket with salad and a sugar free coke. In the past, it would have been a massive chicken schnitzel with chips and a few pints of beer.


What would you say to guys thinking about giving it a crack?

If someone was starting their weight loss journey, I would tell them to first make sure their mindset is ready because if you aren’t in the right headspace, your journey will be short. Secondly, give yourself some time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I gave myself 12 months on this journey. If you stay true to yourself you will see results.

Set small goals, and reward yourself when you hit them. Mine were 5kg goals, and each time I hit my goal I would reward myself with my favourite Chinese Restaurant. Finally, think of your family. My 6 and 12 year old kids are seeing their old man do something that is amazing and I feel that they are proud of their Dad.