There’s always different advice for guys who want to be more attractive to women, and most of it is pretty contradictory.

But there are some universal truths all gents know that work in their favour when trying to find a potential date.

Good shoes is one, it gives women a big clue to the type of man that they’re getting involved with when they’re wearing top quality kicks.

Obviously, a good physique is another, but that can vary depending on opinion, so it’s slightly more fluid. Either way, a well-trimmed bod with good personal hygiene isn’t only good for personal health – if you know what I mean.

And there’s now one more tip that men can adhere to when  they’re looking for love, and it’s really quite obvious once you  know it. It turns out that men are much more attractive to women when they eat a lot of fruit and vegetables – who knew!

A new study suggests women are more attracted to men who get all of their five a day, as opposed to those who don’t.

The secret is in the smell, as the study indicates that the smell of men who eat lots of fruit and veg is far more appealing than those whose daily food intake contains a lot of carbohydrates.

What’s interesting is that there was no discernible difference in interest between those who ate meat and those who didn’t.


The study, performed by folks at Macquarie University in Australia, had men record their food habits. They also measured the amount of fruit and vegetables being eaten by measuring the presence of carotenoids.

These little bad boys come from fruit and veg and turn up in your skin, so how much is present is the best indicator of diet.