Clinton, 37, from Melbourne.

A brief background of my health

Playing footy, I was always pretty fit. After I finished up with footy and started a family, I found myself eating the same amount of food I was before but without the exercise. I struggled with snacking and portion control too.

The reason I knew I wanted to lose weight is that I enjoy participating in the Spartan obstacle races and wanted to get fitter to get a better result. I also wanted to improve my health and well-being before next footy season.

Getting Started

I heard about The Man Shake on Triple M radio and figured it was worth a crack. Other than weight, what else did I have to lose right?

I started using The Man Shake to replace a meal a day (usually lunch), and found it fitted perfectly into my routine. It replaced me walking to a takeaway shop for lunch and even increased my work output! I love the flavours and I’m never hungry after it.

Before trying The Man Shake, I had tried eating smaller portions, having healthier food, etc., but I always ended up overeating or snacking, which would cancel out my hard work.

I lost 23kg in 12 weeks with The Man Shake

What would your advice be for other guys starting on The Man Shake?

If someone else is in a similar position to me, I’d say this: Every hard journey begins with a single step. It’s as much about your state of mind as it is about the physical journey that gets you to your goal. Do it enough times and it will automatically become habit.