Check out Adam’s favourite essential foods to help

Our body needs all sorts of great things for energy and longevity, so I personally am not a fan of eliminating any entire food group and ironically it is now proven that eliminating foods entirely from your diet and body can be detrimental to your health. Carbohydrates is a great example of this. My message is always anything and nearly everything in moderation and you will live a happy and most importantly healthy life.

Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, the body actually needs good carbs, protein and good fats for great health. But what are good carbs and protein? AND is there actually a thing known as good fats I hear you say!


Carbohydrates are to fuel your muscles and your brain. Often poor old carbs get a bad name, but the body needs carbs for energy and to keep your brain functioning. The key to carbs is sticking to the right carbs and the timing of eating them. Carbs should be eaten earlier in the day when the body has the chance to break them down and use them as energy, rather than eating them at night before we go to bed where they often store as fat!

My favourites are:

  • Basmati rice

easy and quick

  • Beans

they are fast and filling. Be careful of baked beans as the juice is full of sugar but you can drain them if you want a quick snack on the go

  • oats

they are packed full of fibre. Great to add into your morning Man shake, or as a snack with Greek yoghurt.


Blokes need protein to build muscle and burn fat. As we get older our muscles start to deteriorate so it’s really important to maintain muscle.  A high protein breakfast is also proven to improve weight loss by up to 20%.

My favourites are:

  • The man shake

simple and fast and full of high quality whey protein (which is important)

  • salmon

great to blast away fat and inflammation

  • eggs

easy, cheap and full of protein


Such as nuts – they are tasty and filling and you can eat them on the go. The key is to avoid peanuts as these are bad fats and where most blokes go wrong with nuts is the amount they consume. It’s a small handful not a packet!


It helps lower your cholesterol and is a great alternative to butter as a spread. I think I have avocado with nearly everything I eat!