If there’s one thing Aussie blokes love, it’s a beer.

How much? Well, at the 2018 FIFA world cup the Australian supporters drank a Russian town dry after our first game.

While our love of beer is no doubt in our blood, too much beer does have an unfortunate side-effect – the beer gut.

Fortunately, some beers are lower in calories than others – saving you a lot of calories over the course of a session.

So how does your favourite beer stack up to the other brands? Find out below.

Note: While some of the beers may come in different sized bottles and cans, we’ve based the calories off 375ml volume, which is a can. This way, no matter how you drink it you’ll know which are lower in calories.

We’re also only focusing on Aussie beers for this too.

Full Strength

Pure Blonde – 98 calories per 375ml

At 98 calories per 375ml serve (or 92 calories per 355ml bottle), Pure Blonde is the lowest calorie full-strength Australian beer.

Hahn Super Dry – 113 calories per 375ml

Iron Jack – 114 calories per 375ml

Great Northern – 117 calories per 375ml

Carlton Dry – 125 calories per 375ml

James Squires 150 Lashes – 126 calories per 375ml

Coopers Pale Ale – 130 calories per 375ml

Tooheys Extra Dry – 133 calories per 375ml

Tooheys Old – 136 calories per 375ml

Resch’s Draught – 138 calories per 375ml

Carlton Draught – 139 calories per 375ml

Tooheys New – 142 calories per 375ml

Victoria Bitter – 151 calories per 375ml

VB is the highest cal Australian beer, but it is also the highest alcohol content at 5.0% compared to others that hover between 4.2% and 4.6%.

Mid Strength

Mid strength beers are generally lower in calories than full-strength beers due to the alcohol content.

Iron Jack Crisp – 95 calories per 375ml

Great Northern Super Crisp – 100 calories per 375ml

XXXX – 110 calories per 375ml

Hahn Ultra Crisp – 113 calories per 375ml

So there we have it, the calories in each of our Aussie beers. How did your drop of choice stack up? Any surprises? Let us know in the comments.