The Festive Season is well and truly underway, and you know what that means – beers, beers, and more beers. 

But the joys of a night on the beers come with an unfortunate partner… the hangover. And while you could once shake off a hangover with a quick swim and a bite to eat, you don’t bounce back quite as well as you get older.

Thankfully, Adam has taken the time to break down the foods that will actually help you bounce back to life, and cure the self-sabotage you’ve caused. 

(Warning: If you swear by Dirty Bird or Micky D’s, look away now…)



These little protein powerhouses will have you back on our feet in no time. Packed full of amino acids and protein, eggs will help regenerate the liver and flush out the toxins caused by your drunken debauchery.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is full of amino acids, fluids, and packed with sodium. Sodium is the key here as it does a great job of restoring your hydration levels. A bowl of chicken noodle soup not only tastes delicious but can help alleviate that cloudy head of regret called a hangover!

Tomato on Wholemeal Toast

Tomatoes are full of antioxidants which can help with inflammation caused by alcohol and decrease that bloated feeling. The wholemeal toast is also low GI, giving you slow-release energy to battle on.


Bananas are full of potassium, which is the key to hydration! A banana with a glass of water is probably our favourite go-to hangover cure and is much more effective than a sugar-filled bottle of Gatorade!

The Man Shake

After a big night on the turps, you need a source of protein to help you bounce back. This is where The Man Shake comes in: it’s protein-packed and has slow-releasing carbs which studies have shown to improve your mood after a night on the sauce much more than a Powerade or a coke. 


My Go-to hangover breaky: A Chocnana Man Shake with coconut water for hydration.