Jack Elliot, 22, Capel Sound

A brief backstory on your health

Health was never something I took seriously. When my dad was battling cancer last year, I sought enjoyment and distraction from that through binge drinking and eating poorly.

Was there a significant moment or point that you had decided to take the first step?

The significant moment when I knew I had to make a change came when I became an uncle late last year. It was a major reason for me wanting to change who I was as a person to ensure I was setting a good example for him.
Seeing a photo of myself at a wedding made me feel shocking about who I was and how people viewed me, so I knew I had to make a change.

How did you find The Man Shake?

Somebody who I work with and play cricket with had used The Man Shake in the past with positive results, so I gave it a shot. With work and how I was eating previously it was a smooth transition.
I’ve done personal training sessions in the past but it was always eating that was the issue and what i could and couldn’t eat was always an issue for me to figure out.
The Man Shake fits into my life so easily. I used to have an iced coffee on my way to work each morning, so swapping that out for the man shake was seamless and it was just so much more reliable, cheaper and super convenient.

What is the biggest difference now that you have lost some weight and how do you feel?

The biggest difference to me is noticing clothes fitting me better, the compliments I receive and just feeling energized. I’m always excited for the next day of weight loss and wanting to do more.

Now that I have started and have come as far as I have, I don’t want to go back so its just extra motivation to me now.

Jack lost 22kg with The Man Shake

What was your biggest roadblock to getting healthier and how did you overcome it?

The biggest roadblock to losing weight for me was the weekends. I enjoy a beer and watching the footy with some nice fatty food, so it was a tough transition. To combat this, I’ve switched to no-carb beer, and ensure if I’m eating on weekends that I put good food into my body and not junk food like potato chips and pizza.

Why would you recommend The Man Shake to other people?

I would recommend the man shake to other people very quickly and I already have. I’ve had 5 people start using the shakes and those have had varied results, but I back the program and, if followed correctly, it works wonders.

If someone is out there thinking about starting what would you say to them to motivate them?

Just back yourself, don’t get frustrated and enjoy the challenge. It’s never going to be easy, but there is so much support and advice that you can get from the man shake community so ask questions if needed and ensure you enjoy what you’re doing.