If you were going to do just one thing to lose weight, nine times out of 10 it should be getting rid of sugary drinks.

Research has shown that calories from sugar in liquid form don’t register in our brains the way calories from food do, and that means we keep guzzling,

sending our insulin levels through the roof and adding extra inches around our waists.

So do yourself a massive favor and cut out the soft drinks, flavored milk, juices, and beverages that are really wolves dressed in lambs’ clothing – coconut water and sports drinks, I’m talking about you.

*Source Healthy food guide Australia


If you need something on the go, The Man Fuel is the perfect drink. Packed high in protein and low in sugar the man fuel is a drink for real men who need something tasty and convenient on the run. The Man Fuel has nearly double the protein than “Up and go” drinks and nearly 7 times LESS sugar.

Below is a comparison to give you insight into the difference in sugar per serve.