Healthy meals don’t have to be expensive or hard, in fact, they are easy!

If you don’t find something you enjoy here don’t worry, we have a massive library of quick and easy recipes on the Recipe tab of our website.

Here are 5 meals you can make that are quick, easy and, most importantly, tasty!


There’s nothing easier than just throwing a steak on and having it with Veggies or Salad!

Click here for Adam’s Perfect Steak recipe and tutorial!

Mexican Chicken Wraps

Keen to spice things up on the dinner table but want to keep your diet on point? Give Adam’s Mexican Chicken Wraps a crack!

Click here for the recipe

The Man Pie

Is there anything more Aussie than a good meat pie?

Well, this is the Man Pie. It tastes unreal, and it won’t add to your belt notches like other pies. Trust us, this recipe is one for the pool room! 

Man Spag Bol

Spaghetti bolognese is one thing a man should master – it’s easy, tasty, versatile and a guaranteed hit with the kids. so give the missus a night off and make this your go-to Dad dinner.

Adam’s Pizziola

Every man’s dream – Pizza that gives you abs! This high protein, low carb meal will quickly become a go-to favourite!