When losing weight, we typically look to the scale as the all-mighty measurement tool. While scales don’t lie, the number that stares back at you tells only half the story.

Scales neglect important factors like fat loss, muscle gain, and water retention. So while you may be the same weight as you were last week, you’ve actually continued to make progress. This is why Before and After pictures are so important for your weight loss journey.

Sure, you look at yourself in the mirror daily, but physiological changes are often subtle and happen gradually over time. Progress photos are a great way to compare your appearance to how you looked when you started.

There is no better feeling than seeing how great you look now compared to when you started. So don’t be ashamed when taking before pictures, you’ll be glad you did.

With that in mind, here are some ways to get the best photos to help keep you on track with your transformation.


1. Show your shape

To compare changes, you need to be able to see the changes. Don’t suck in your gut, and stand up straight.

Wear shorts and go shirtless, or a singlet if you choose. Baggy clothes will hide your figure and any signs of progress. Whatever you wear in the first picture, try to wear again in your progress picture.


2. Take a full body photo at eye level

Avoid mirror photos if you can. Ask someone you feel comfortable with to take the photos for you. This will make a lot of difference.


3. Remove background distractions

Take the photos in front of a plain wall. You don’t want things in the background distracting your visual cue.


4. Angles, Angles, Angles!

To understand and see how your body is changing, it’s important to capture photos from the front, back, and side. This will give you a more holistic understanding of your progress.


5. Lighting is key

You don’t want a dark photo where you can’t see any definition. Natural lighting is preferable but if not, use a room in which the lighting is bright.


Bottom line

Take your time getting your photos right — you’ll appreciate it down the line. This is your journey and you should take pride in each step of the way. Clear, well-captured progress photos will really help you see just how far you’ve come and will propel you even further to reach your goals.